This page will provide a theoretical basis for what I have termed a 'Cosmological Timeshift Drive', it will do as what is explained in the qm.html section of this website.

The whackos or ruling 'elites' are entirely deluded. Notwithstanding, there remain many of us who have a mind capable of realistic and rational thought.
In my most favourite book that I have had the pleasure of reading through my life, which is titled 'Kingdom of Fear', by Dr. Hunter S. Thompson - he held many of the same thoughts of the way of things upon earth, at-least. He wrote that there has been an oligarchy in complete rule of the people of this earth. He stated in this book I mention that they've been in-place since at-least the past couple of hundred of years, although mentioned that argueably since the past couple of thousand years - this being my personal ... how do I say ... knowing. To clarify... Since the coming of "jesus". For further information on just why I beleive this to be the case, please refer to what I beleive to be my most important publication, and I titled it simply "TRUTH DOCUMENT".

Enough on that.

Let me proceed to elaborate on the theory of this device which will permit out practical, entirely viable means of the true, exploration of the what is to now - remaining to us entirely unknown. That is the vast expanses of the universe.
Let me just pause here to say BOOYAH!
Proceeding onward! Okay.

Of course, the details (the theoretical concepts, mathematics, and whatever other so-named ... "sensitive" or whatever details will not be published until the work is completed.)

Just be a little patient... Please... This shall not take too long, as the meth is killer! AHAH. BBL. Enjoy your space in time, and prepare to leap to a whole new bounds!!!