The government is really the "government" and is kill.
To tear up the roots of, or by the roots; hence, to tear from a foundation; to uproot.

There are many who support a system which is in essence anarchy, however in my personal opinion such a societial structure would or could never be made to exist in any seemless manner with any degree of actual stability. I mean in with the development and existence of currency it is not the currency itself which is the root of problems such as corruption among those settled hill-top. Nor is it, in and of itself the factor which divides and separates us as a species*. No. Greed is the origin and reason for the disasterous consequences created by people, and not currency, itself. It is just that in a purely anarchistic based form of established living, the lack of order and standards would produce humongous levels of unease amongst the population living within the society.
Since as far back as I can remember, I had formed the idea that a perfect or ideal "governmental" congregation should really be made up from persons of as different backgrounds, lifestyles, cultures, professions or passions, or dealings/involvements in their lives that it would form a assembly of persons which very well relate to and represent actual society as it is.
I mean to say that the body of 'government' which I place in between apostrophes because it is nothing alike the 'government' which is in reign at present. Now ... I will describe the civil mechanics or framework through which this form of a system will be operating, although before I am even capable of touching on it; I have to address a disparate issue entirely.

It is that in the world of today, there are only very few and sparsely separated people who are actually as they should be through natural conception. This may sound odd or perplexing read, but it is a unfortunate truth. Many such planned actions and/or otherwise events have manufactured a ... what I would call mindless biological machine. One major contributing factor towards this - which I will provide eleboration on - was, and actually a first ever creation of a particular civil cirucumstance, and this was the prohibition of ... allow me to refrain from using a particular word here due to the negative connotation which has been applied to the word and has caused it to be identified as a derogatory sense, and shrouded in all that is implied by its definition. Therefore, I will for the time being, until senses return to a more raw and pure state, choose to use the word medication. Because it really is, as I've come to refer to certain medical agents as being soul-food. They allow inquest into our true self and as-well and beyond this they permit for a large variety of perceptual changes in all of our sensory perceptions. Through by in doing this it does, or can, not to say that this hightened sense of awareness of perceptive variation permissible by our neurochemical configuration will lead you to any state of 'expanded consciousness', but it can certainly for some - thought it is no concrete or definite occurence.
It is as one of my favourite fellow humans stated himself, and I quote him here;

"We're all wired into a survival trip now... no more of the speed that fueled the 60's. That was the fatal flaw in Tim Leary's trip. He crashed around America selling consciousness expansion, without ever giving a thought to the grim meat-hook realities that were lying in wait for all those peoples who took him seriously. All those pathetically eager acid freaks who thought they could buy peace and understanding for three bucks a hit. but their loss, and failure, is ours too. What Leary took down with him was that the central illusion of a whole lifestyle that he helped create... a generation of permanent cripples, failed seekers, who never understood the essential old mystic fallacy of the acid culture. The desperate assumption that somebody, or at least some force, is tending the light at the end of the tunnel."

In-fact I've had some magnificent experieneces with serotonergic psychedelics, and to lay claim as to their influence in my personal perceived reality... It stands to be that they have played some role, especially MDMA, in enhancing my felt love or feeling of love towards other members of, not my race alone, but all species and Life in general.
The truth is that it takes some time to understand just what the fuck happened during the trip, this process of assimilation, and even critical analysis of the episode - colloqually coined the term, 'trip'. When I say assimilate in this context I am using the psychological definition. Which is this; "Assimilation is the cognitive process of making new information fit in with your existing understanding of the world. Essentially, when you encounter something new, you process and make sense of it by relating it to things that you already know."

With having said all of this, I must make mention that my most powerful lesson which I believe that I could ever learn relating to human consciousness, or more-so, the role our neurochemical configuration or composition plays in our perceived intake of reality, its influence in our capability of mediating our thoughts, our senses, all-inclusive. And et cetera. If you wish to know what particular medication lead me to the episode which allowed my forming of this realisation, please review my "Resume", in particular the section on my investigation and research with the Russian medication, Phenibut.