My 87 year old father and my stepmother were injected with this Pfizer lot number " EJ6796" for both doses in Jan and Feb. of 2021, in Glis, Switzerland. They both died in August of 2021.
Reports have recently surfaced to show that a mere 5% of all batch numbers were responsible for 100% of the 20,000 or so deaths reported to VAERS as of Dec. 2021. Sadly, my father and stepmother were apparently in this tragic 5% deadly batch group. This Pfizer vax batch-- EJ6796 -- had 115 deaths reported to VAERS, while the majority of batches had 0 deaths. Harvard has revealed that less 5% of all adverse events including death are actually reported to VAERS, so that the 115 total deaths shown for batch EJ 6796 may be far higher. I did not report their deaths to VAERS.
As a small boy, my father survived the blitz in England.
Rest In Peace --- all who died tragically from this poison batch!!
Note: I do not know why foreign deaths appear in VAERS.