The task of the vaccines, the 8 syringes which are planned, at a minimum

The 1st vaccination
It contains a small amount of saline and then some ingredients, which begin destroying the cellular system. The immune system, the bone marrow, the thymus gland, the Spleen and all other systems related to your immune system become paralyzed, because the ability to produce white blood cells is reduced by 50%. At first glance, these 50% are not noticeable, almost everyone survives this vaccination and thinks it didn't do him any harm. Now you deliberately leave 8 weeks time, because that's the same Period as the reproduction of white blood cells. That's why it was set up that you get the 2nd vaccination 8 weeks later in order to reproduce the blood stop them because that's where they're weakest.

At the 2nd vaccination they increase the harmful ingredients and another 25% of the ability white blood cell formation occurs and you are down to 25% of what you used to be production capacities.

With The 3rd comes the booster.
The booster contains 81 strands of foreign bacteria that their cells do not know and they do their tasks and the lesser-known graphene hydroxide, the nano razor blades start cutting up the body, a losing battle. There are several batches, namely light, medium and instantly fatal, where those affected bleed to death within hours because their cells are cut up inside, because the GH is atomically thin, extremely stable and therefore sharp. It is also not degraded and also does not dissolve. Once in, it stays there forever. A chronic inflammation begins to develop because of increasing number of already existing wounds are thus further increased and the healing aids of the body are almost all slowed down.

The 4th comes with the 2nd booster.
Now the ability to produce white blood cells is completely paralysed. They now say that you have HIV which came about through “drugs” and nothing else. Now we have people who walk around without an immune system and that is fine for a certain time. In that first period, a quarter of that population will die. There are 4 total time spans. They already have 3 more boosters to come. Without immune system he becomes as dependent on pharmaceuticals as diabetics on insulin or kidney patients on dialysis. So some will die from the vaccinations, so the desired population reduction is achieved; the others become medically dependent and are still relatively healthy and able to work, and they all pay the costs for this nonsense. One counts for this first round with approx. 2-3 years, when the first wave of vaccinated perishes and then it will be claimed that these actually died of another virus died because no one should guess that all of the vaccinations were cut up internally and perished because of their non-healing.

All animals that took part in the pilot study for the vaccinations had not survived.

Science and Research Center Karstedt-Kaiser - Berlin 14.10.2022