This is just something which I began to write on facebook - I will complete it in detail to form my complete and proper or correct political campaign proposal.

See people I am going to enrol into AEC and I've decided that we will have smoking carriages in locomotives. The world today is very negative; look at cigarette packets and the news. There is NEVER good news. Good news isn't news. Also in pharmacies they call them chemists sometimes. They are pharmacists not chemists - they do not synthesise drugs. They studied chemistry although they are not involved in it in their work. I forged a university document once as I've more sound knowledge in the discipline than most pharmacists whom are not passionate about their academic involvement. They studied the curriculum of their educational institution. Private interest groups actually supply monetary influence to be capable of manipulating the educational content. I was just speaking to a TAFE teacher. We got along. She used to shoot meth. As I've been using it for nine years. I do love it. Although I do not behave as a typical user's conduct. You never hear about the success stories. I've injected meth with medical doctors, harm reduction clinic managers, computer programmers. As-well as "homeless" people. People of all walks of life are using methamphetamine. If your unfamiliar with the 'scene' believe me that almost everybody uses it. In pharmacies they sell cosmetics and hair products, post-natal products, ie. nappies, and baby food, eyeware, etc. I should be capable of walking into a pharmacy and purchasing a crack pipe, so they all sell fit packs, photograph below. I should be capable of also walking into a pharmacy and purchasing a packet of cigarettes, racetams, propylene glycol, etc. and all drugs which promote neurogenesis and insight into your 'self' your "soul" as such. To become familiar with your innate sense of humanity. Your strengths and perhaps weaknesses. Although as Einstein says "If you judge a fish by being able to climb a tree then it will live its entire life thinking that it is dumb" and that "Imagination is more important than knowledge."

So - I need 1500 people to register a political party.

Help me out. I will form a government structure composed of people of all walks of life. Homeless people, doctors, scientists, hospitality industry workers, everything. This government body or constitution will be very able to develop a sane civil policy.

Read my Book; The NOTES! search my name on your favourite search engine. Christopher Csatlos. Dr. actually.

I will also visit #chemistry, #philosophy, #pro-audio, #drugs, #linux, whatever on IRC. On former freenode, it is now known libera due to a legal takeover. #nerds on OFTC. They're all underground tekno DJs, they are all musical artists at illegal raves.

Also #hackers #malware, #electronics,etc.

So tell me if you're interested.

I will instate sane philosophies and practices of or in lively manners. I will make this shit right. Fuck greed. Why be holding more money than you could ever possibly use in even several lifetimes.

It still won't save them from planet catastrophic events. They believe that it will. I've discovered that thirty people own everything in in corporate establishments. It is that I've also believed that an oligarchy pulls all of the strings. Hunter S. Thompson also wrote in his book 'Kingdom of Fear" that definitely for the past couple of hundred years, and arguably for the past two thousand years. The "Bible" is ridiculous. It says that the world was created by "god" in seven days and what the fuck was "jesus" died for our "sins" what the fuck compensation would this offer. And "adam" and "eve" ROFL. The laws of physics are the mediators in Nature. And the quantum realm is not overly complicated. This is my research:

It is that I am "working" as a quantum physicist and am involving my time in the research of an interesting relationship or inverse relationship which exists between a particles perceived influence of its perceived interpretation of time, and to its kinetic energy or velocity. Now; this is a relationship which Isacc Newton discovered and devised the formula to portray or describe its operational existence. Thus it is of classical dynamics, although through some manner I will adapt this classical concept into the field of quantum mechanics - the physics of matter (their interactions and operation) at a very minute scale. Through doing this, I am entirely certain that I will be capable of - by exploiting this quantum dynamic - develop a device which will be capable of taking us wherever we wish to go. Now- this is NOT teleportation although it is guided travel and it will work by actually manipulating our perception of time to be able to provide the impression of travelling a vast distance although over a very short period of time. You see ... To me ... Elon Musk (or whatever his name is) is an underacheiver and is going about this entire endeavour to wish to explore the cosmos in an entirely incorrect manner. His methods are primitive and impractical to allow our viable departure into the universe. The true exploration of other worlds and whatever there exists.


So register your interest here.

Check my twatter, lol. Link is above. In my facebook profile.

I am capable of understanding whatever from logical consequence.

We'll be bi-winning. Winning everywhere. Win here win there, win everywhere.

Anyway I'm SHITFACED. Drugs are just also fun. And good for widening your perspective.