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Like all of my other work, this is also not exactly proof-read, although I made some attempt at proof reading this one, anyway. I am going to sleep and I will resume working on this peice tomorrow I suppose.

To provide you with an example regarding this, I've spent much of my time prior to become homeless, which I prefer writing as "homeless", because who am I kidding? Earth is my home! Lol. But yes, much of my discussing and chatting on IRC which I do find very enjoyable, as many inteligent folks are using this network communications protocol, and therefore you are able to learn a-lot and discuss whatever matters with other interesting types of peoples.
But to typify what I mentioned earlier about people identifying me as the king of controversy, a name which I do find quite entertaining to be known as, this name came from something which I had mentioned on 2600Net IRC one day a while back. It was that I entered the chat and announced immediately that; "Oh. I almost fucked a twelve year old."

It was that my single reason for doing this was to explain that I am not a fucking moron. To put forth and attempt - attempt it has usually been, but I am always making progress - to try to explain just another truth of REALITY to the people. It is that, I have always held a strong distrust of the government, or "government" as I prefer to refer to them as; well they can say whatever fucking bullshit which their insane "minds" conjure up.
I was reading a online chat, I cannot remember where it took place, likely IRC... Though it may have been discord, which I, as any sane person, despises and for very good and understandable reasons, where somebody had typed; "How could you!? She was only seventeen and three-hundred and sixty-four days and twenty-three hours!" Haha.
After excitedly typing the above quote into the chat, which was also simply to spark, a what is currently controversal type of conversation.


It is that the "government" can fucking try to tell me that any girl who is aged below eighteen is underage, actually "underage" - as it attempts to define something subjective and cause to be illegal something stupid once again. I, well we, are humans. We are rational and entirely reasonable. It is in our nature. The "government's" attempts again at prohibiting natural tendancies and behaviours and sensations or conceptions, ideas, whatever. This (their) definition of that anybody below the age of eighteen is underage, with quotation marks, is entirely arbitrarily defined, coming from them, and based on nothing but their insanity.
Firstly we are 'hard-coded' through evolution to find a woman of reproducible age, attractive. It is that, I am not going DENY finding a girl under the age of eighteen attractive if she fucking is! This is simply because I have a working fucking mind! And so I am not a moron. Neither am I attracted to the same gender(*1). And neither am I a fucking liar.
Anybody who denies saying this, if a girl is aged below what the "government" have decided to be "underage" is any one of the above adjectives. A moron, homosexual, or a liar. Not that there is anything wrong with homosexuality.
Now I also then provided to the members of the chat on #2600 at the time, the what is a large degree of variability between different persons development in maturity of their minds. Fuck. I have met some people who are actually very young, and are - FAR MORE SANE then many fucking "adults" that I have also spoken to. Also I will state that, being the species that we, with our sense of reason and capacity for rational behaviour and conduct, we exercise this at all times. That is that sure I admit to finding an attractive female as such but the attraction is solely on a physical level, and not on a emotional or psychological one. At-least not to this date, and this is the reason that I have always identified a girl as being underage to myself personally, if she is below the age of twenty-six. I am now thirty-six. Sure, I;ve also said, on that same IRC network which I mentioned above, 2600Net, which used to be my favourite place to engage in discussion, rofl. That I would certainly enjoy fucking an "underage" girl, but that's it. Only for sex. Nothing more. LOL. I said this because I thought it sounds absolutely hilarious, and also to continue with speaking truthful matters. And I do enjoy doing this very much, indeed. I said that because, it's true, and also that I know that (or assume, how could I know without knowing a specific person?) and also then it comes down to individual differences in the pace of emotional, cognitive and psychological development, etc. I take age as being a great general indication of the 'maturity' of a persons mind. But in a completely realistic perspective, it is only a number. But does of course remain a good kind of, metric to guage at the level of one's development of their character. This is why I also wrote in the above somewhere, that I, personally, do consider anybody of age less than twenty-six to be 'underage' due to my assumption of the unshared aspects we would differ on in terms of life goals and aspirations, tastes or preferences in musical or whatever arts. And so you cannot assume to be capable of finding happiness being with some body with whom you have no common interests. This concept is usually simply referred to as an incompatabiltiy between persons [when in the context of the suitability for one another for the becoming involved in a emotional relationship.]

Nobody with any sense of their self and the real sensibility and rational and reason would do anything which contradicts natural ways. One thing relating to this is the prohibiton of medications, or drugs. I have come to prefer the term for this, actually medicine. And this is due to the widespread tainting (even impairment at this stage(*2)) of the (realistic, that is innately formed) conceptions which - which to our real concern in the present time, has a higher level of those who are affected by this inability to ... just; BE THEMSELVES! IN REAL TERMS. THAT IS TO FUCKING BE SANE! Which brings to my mind a specific line from a track performed by the '60s psychedelic musical group, 'Traffic'. And in their track titled, 'I'd love to change the world.' They sing, "Where is sanity?"
It is one of my favourite pieces of musical works. But I've many...

Now, while that quote from above is not true, actually. I wrote it and entered it into the chat, solely to spark a controversial conversation. To go on to provide a sensible notion to the people. Provide the truth regarding this matter, as-well as regarding any thing else which is, in this day; mostly fucking everything. And I know what has caused this, and I write of it in my primary document, 'The NOTES!'. It is that the cause of the (that is, in general and throughout society) is varied, and complex, to discuss in its entirety. Just to provide some background (of myself and my undertaking of this, earlier in my life and still, to now, at-least to some degree) regarding this, my sense-making of 'what the fuck is going on!?', well- to anybody who has given effort to this, which to most (as I can see now) is actually... Not possible to come to any understanding of just what the fuck is happening in this world. They, including myself at a stage in my life, persue this goal of sense-making until they slowly, or at whatever pace, spiral into madness. This is true. And not a metaphorical expression, actually. As unbelievable as it may sound. I will say that in my earlier life, and of course still today, OTHERWISE WHY THE FUCK WOULD I HAVE CREATED THIS WEBSITE AND ALL OF THE CONTENT IT CONTAINS!? I, as-well as other enthusiasts and pursuers of the truth, with the shared goal of re-establishing a sane(*3) world, and way of life, Which is really, the way that it should've always been. From the very conception of the universe.


*1- It is as I have always believed. People really should be capable and allowed to do whatever it is that they so please, provided that;

*2- With in regards to this, do you not find it a fucking surprise that all of the medications which provide a pscyhological activity that allows for the strong and invaluable for any person's development of their true personal uniqueness in character and for allowing them to realise who they are inherently. I've written somewhere on this website, or within one of my documents, about the date (which I cannot remember the exact date of when this occurred) although it is the day that I experienced a what I can describe as being a fucking mental revolution. It was during an experience which I had smoking cannabis, and some time during my late-teenage years. I would've been almost nineteen, or perhaps soon after I'd turned nineteen. Anyway, what happened during that 'high', that is during that experience, was wow. It was a mental or psychological and cognitive reform. It made me what I am. Prior to it, I was a generic nobody. No sense of individuality, everything I "knew" I'd derived from elsewhere, and not of personal take. Following it, the experience that is, I - for the first time ever, in my life - was capable of thinking individually. I developed my own ideas and opinions about matters in life. My own judgements and views or perspectives. And etc. Therefore, I refer to the date of this life changing experience as being my birthday. It is more-so of a birthday than my date of birth when I was conceived. Yes.

Following on with what I was getting onto writing of was do not assume that the so-called "illegal" drugs are legislated as they are, in the present due to there being anything actually wrong with them in any way what so ever. Actually being very well-versed in the field of medicine, in neuropsychopharmacology especially. I've discovered that the prohibited medicines, are without question significantly safer than [most] pharmaceutically available medicines. I do believe that I have provided a discussion of the dangers of one chemical known as pramipexol on the 'Absurdities of the contemporary world' webpage.

Simply put, it is NO coincidence that ALL of the drugs/medicines (actually medicines, which is not the case with the vast majority of pharmaceutically available drugs) that provide a very capable and extreme ability to alter our psychological states for the purposes of self-discovery and how I would say, is self-identification. Which happened for me using cannabis. I've written on the IRC Rules webpage about how I firmly believe that to bring the world and its interoperable species to a state of peace in allowing all of everybody to live together without there existing the - what I have never been capable of understanding the reasons for the existence of it being - that is the very unfounded in any way that is real, conceptions of intolerance and disliking or even hatred of particular person's for no reason that is not absolutely ridiculous.

*3- When I refer to normal ways, as 'sane', or 'sanity', here, of course, normal using the more foundation or the lexical definition which is to describe a situation or state of what is just as intended. By nature, us being natural beings. And not what is 'most common in the world'. To understand what it is that I refer to by these naturally derived or provisioned ways developed through evolution and thereby embedded within all of life, of all species, please read my document, 'The NOTES!'. It does provide exactly what it is that I mean and there is no need for me to restate what I've already written.

Things I have simply noted here to remind me to write about at a later time: