The following details my findings regarding the cure to the health problems causeed by the "vaccines".

As I continue my investigation on the matter, I will be updating the page accordingly.

Selegline is the first compound which struck me as being a very capable benefit to helping some, the reason which I write 'some' is because it depends on the number of "vaccinations" that the indvidual has received.
Selegiline has been identified as an immune system boosting agent, with what degree I cannot state as I've never read of it being empirically qualified. But my personal opinion is that it features this activity with quite significant potential. I make this assumption due to it having been discovered as unique in certain regards in its affect on all species of animalia which it has been tested on, in a identical manner in its effects on its physiological system as-well as in its psychological effects. In saying this, it has been discovered to increase life expectancy by twenty percent. And that is partly the data I've used to form this assumption on its immune system boosting activity.
But it does not stop there, this substance features a myriad of health benefits!
You may view the full details on the medication's official website located at this address: If that website is not working (as it has been known to shown to work intermittently) I have ripped it and thus it may also be viewed on this address; Click here for the ripped version, it is a verbatim copy.

And funnily enough, I do believe with strong enough confidence that methamphetamine does also play a vital role in what is more to cure those who have contracted the virus, which seems to very really pose health concerns - some of which are serious - to the "vaccinated", you may read my reasons to see it as being this way on other pages within this site. Mainly the relevant pieces which I have written and provided on this webpage here.
In to expand on the above, it seems to be the fact that methamphetamine does prevent the replication of the virus in the human pulmonary system. Please see ahead in this paragraph the article in relevance to this. In-fact I do recall writing of this finding through extrapolation which I'd made upon seeing this journal article here, on 2600net IRC.

I am speaking of the fact that the, what I can safely assume to be the whole of world's hospitals being fucking ... EMPTY. That is; before the "vaccine". Now? It is clear that it is an entirely different story there... This is capable to be seen by anybody who's seen the number of hospital admissions before the "vaccine" and also following the supply of the "vaccine" by the fucks and some people's decision to receive it.

Sit tight I will have more coming, I just need to get properly shitfaced. As it has always been with me.