The following details my findings regarding the cure to the health problems causeed by the "vaccines".

As I continue my investigation on the matter, I will be updating the page accordingly.

Selegline is the first compound which struck me as being a very capable benefit to helping some, the reason which I write 'some' is because it depends on the number of "vaccinations" that the indvidual has received.
Selegiline has been identified as an immune system boosting agent, with what degree I cannot state as I've never read of it being empirically qualified. But my personal opinion is that it features this activity with quite significant potential. I make this assumption due to it having been discovered as unique in certain regards in its affect on all species of animalia which it has been tested on, in a identical manner in its effects on its physiological system as-well as in its psychological effects. In saying this, it has been discovered to increase life expectancy by twenty percent. And that is partly the data I've used to form this assumption on its immune system boosting activity.
But it does not stop there, this substance features a myriad of health benefits!
You may view the full details on the medication's official website located at this address: If that website is not working (as it has been known to shown to work intermittently) I have ripped it and thus it may also be viewed on this address; Click here for the ripped version, it is a verbatim copy.

I've obviously much more to add to this page, in particular methamphetamine has been scientific proven to prevent the replication of the virus in the pulmonary system, and it even is capable of curing it completely with merely a single dose. This latter claim I've not verified to my degree of being undoubted truthful information, or well- I also have, at the same time. I just must investigate into the mechanism of proliferation of the virus throughout our biology and compare it to that of the more common naturally occurring influenza virus.

Sit tight, when this baby hits 88mp/h ... you're going to see some serious shit.