I just wanted to say what should not need saying, but I am as I am, what you see or perceive about me is what you get.
I mean to say that, I say what I think and do what I say.
I have nothing to hide because I - to put it simply - live a natural life. That is that I abide to natural philosophies, ideologies, principles, logic, and etc. This is convinient because the benefit in doing this is that there is no nobody is capable of sanely arguing against these ways successfully. Because there is no greater truth than these principles. Paved as founding constructs for the conscious life, by nature, and embedded within all of the living.
I just thought I would make this clear. I do in-fact touch on this topic in a very brief paragraph which is contained within the document which I'd written, titled; 'The NOTES!'. It is located beneath the section pertaining to ethics. I wrote that to another person on IRC, AnonOps, actually, when he had asked me "What are your ethics?" Then I simply copied and pasted it into the that document. You will notice that the Book, as I refer to it as, has much to left to be written it will, as it was intended to when I began on it - which is in-fact the ONLY day that I've worked on writing it - back in February, 2021. Meant to be a complete treatise on most of anything that I can provide from having lived the life which I have and undertaken the studies which I have through my life. This will include a means of our mechanism for the exploration of the Cosmos. And whatever else... It is that the original document when I'd written it during February, 2021, contained just ten pages. Some time following this, I added things which I felt as being suitable content for its intention in provision to you all.
I can now say that it will not be very much longer, AT ALL, until I am capable of resuming working on it. It is that, I have FINALLY found some peace. Once again! Since becoming homeless in October, 2021.
I do not wish to disclose my location, although, I do want to say that; I FUCKING LOVE THIS PLACE!

I just wished to say also that many online across many online communities refer to me as, actually- to some extent; 'The King of Controversy' and for good fucking reason! It is that I say what is true, no matter fucking what. I've nothing to hide. ROFL.

Being known by this name it reminds me of the song 'Without Me' sung by Eminem. I actually quite enjoy this track!