Here is just a page detailing some of my thoughts, and as-well as whatever things that have happened through my life! Heh.

  • On moving into a new 'loft' in some student accommodation joint, the first thing I told to the receptionist after greeting her, was that I was going to cook meth in it. It makes sense. Why the fuck would they actually suspect such a thing after that. But I was supremely fried as kinda beans I guess... And pissed all over my neighbours balcony. Plus I was totally shitfaced perpetually. They loved it for a while. Good times.

  • When I was in Denmark, WA. I took so much fucking phenobarbital that I was at some concert I had zero recollection of having had been at, met almost everybody in town without having any memory of it. And then at some point, I decided - for whatever reason - that it would be a good idea, to take off my pants, leaving me only wearing a shirt and yes... And well I just have a roughly one to two second fragment of a memory of wading through a FUCKING ROSE FOREST. I then remember walking along the highway - fuck knows where - and with cuts all over my legs. A kind earth person pulls up beside me and offers me a lift back to town, I was surprisingly fucking FAR out. Like- And then HE TELLS ME THAT HE WAS GOING TO TAKE ME TO HOSPITAL! WHAT!? I told him, "Haha, sir. I do not need to go to the hospital at all! I am absolutely fine! But thank you."

  • Additional Details:
    *(1)- It is that I've never wanted to very capably cause confusion or hinderance and also impairment in my ability to develop a comprehensively thorough conceptualisation and true knowing through the enough development of an understanding on a particular matter, by reading just any available material(s) which pertains to the topic, discipline, research area, whatever...