To provide the background information neccessary to understand what this entire ordeal is all about;

Here I provide a for your viewing pleasure a letter which I wrote to the Monash University Vice Chancellor.
Now ... Whether or not the email ever made it to his inbox, ... Well ... It is anybody's best guess.

This here, provided below is the letter, as it was sent to him, in verbatim.

So the other day I had called Monash to enrol into a CyberSecurity bootcamp and she [Laura McNulty] was a SPLENDID woman, from what I did infer from her ways in conduct, lively ideologies and otherwise practices of living – she seemed … Sane. I mean this in that she has awareness of all of the mishappenings or misfortunes occurring across our globe in the “modern” world. We got along EXTREMELY well and she offered me a placement immediately. Our conversation went on for one hour – at-least – but likely far longer than this. We spoke of many different topics, not all inclusive of the “government” the “corona virus” the supposed “vaccines” and even the completely ludicrous and unsane prohibition of “drugs”, I prefer the term medication as this word “drug” has been associated to having being developed a negative connotation (courtesy of the “government”). In-fact we spoke of about how if one were to investigate the matter, there exists not a single species in the kingdom of animalia which does NOT partake in the ingestion of psychoactive compounds for the purposes of psychological manipulation. Such states induced by particular agents (medications) induce or allow for the allowance of the knowing of the ‘self’. They are (depending on the neuropsychopharmacology targeting of it [the medication] hold a very real and even more important purpose in the development of one’s self, as I had mentioned above. Without knowledge of who you are as a sentient psychological being of consciousness, you really are … nothing … nothing outside of what you’ve been told by others, heard, read, seen, or witnesses in any other manner. Yes they are capable of inducing intense periods of introspection to become – what it is, which makes, you, you. The truth behind the matter is that we (humans) have been using medications for both physiological remedial purposes or the alteration of our psychological perceptions which in my experience has led to a far greater tolerance towards … everything. Other people, their psychological dispositions, their lifestyles or any other aspects of the ways of their lives. As-well as this, they inspire or advise or teach one on the manner of correctness in terms of how to live. Philosophically.
I am an extremely peaceful type and never form judgements on persons of any type, it matters not who they are, their physical appearance, or any other such psychological traits or developed quirks. We’re each different, thanks to the enormous variety of encoding permitted by the DNA’s capabilities in producing such a vast biodiversity. IT IS AMAZING. Anyway, I informed Laura McNulty that my desire to refresh my knowledge in the field of ICT (specifically cybersecurity – having undertaken studies in the field from during between 2010-2012) was to become involved with ethical hacking. Yes. I wish to hack the government(s). Really I think that it’s an oligarchy in rule over our earth. As does the author Hunter S. Thompson. Since “jesus christ” in my personal opinion…. You can read about just why I believe this here in this document which I wrote:
Here is another document which I had wrote … If I recall correctly April 21st 2021. It is my primary publication which has changed lives. People have told to me.
And yes, many have told me that it has changed their lives! I kid you not!
Back to hacking the “government” it is that they’re completely fucking sideways. Look at what they’re doing upon our earth, the entirely purposeless, unnatural wars – as they go against our human nature. Not to mention the other absolutely cluster-fuck behaviours which they’re involved in, the subsidising of certain foods or food products (whose corporate members are a part of the “governmental” body.) The separation of us, society, HUMANS; into minority groups, when we’re all human. To spark issues as social conflict and racism. And they myriad of other totally and completely unsane undertakings which it is that they’re enacting upon us for the eventual dystopia which is their end goal. As I write in my ‘NOTES’ document; “I can assure you that each and every human is born good. Wholly and thoroughly well mannered, kind, giving, and caring. These are as according to the principles endowed into its soul from conception, which have been developed through the evolutionary process.” This is evident throughout the all of the kingdom of animalia.
In hacking the “elites” who are really the lowest of the low, and they’re interests are far outside of our own. As Hunter S. Thompson wrote in his book ‘Kingdom of Fear’ he – and I quote – These (the oligarchy) would not even care if there were no more trees left upon our earth, apart from the ones in their own backyards, perhaps. I mean- Their mindset most confounds me. Once we’ve entirely collapsed earth’s ecological and otherwise systems of sustaining phenomena, do they – or are they so blinded by their endless monetary wealth, that they actually believe that this will in some way save them … from the coming chaotic future? Heh. Like it isn’t already!? Okay just to return to why I personally consider hacking the government to be in-fact an entirely ethical activity is because I aim to expose the truth of just what they’re subjecting us humans to, I know of many – in-fact, this has been a tremendous concern to me and the unfortunate state of affairs is that most people are entirely unaware. I recall stumbling across video which was hosted on youtube featuring a U.S. senator and the CEO of well’s fargo, actually they were arguing against corruption happening within government by corporations. Another I had heard of ten, fifteen, years or longer ago, was that whoever was the CEO of the company which was manufacturing the chemotherapy machines, at that time, also happened to hold a seat in U.S. senate. Why do we even have such machines when it is WELL established that Cannabis impedes (development), and also then triggers apoptosis if one happens to have carcinogenic tissue, more here;
Here is the first of a serious of tables from within this article.

It contains about three or so similar tables showing the efficacy of pharmacopeia of cannabis in the treatment of cancers. Due to the influence which private interest groups have in the control of the material being distributed, well, what can I say - EVERYWHERE! It is important to undertake thorough and careful investigation through the inquisition of reputable sources of data or information.
This should be easy, but since “jesus” we’re only sheep. As it is commonly said. It appears that most are unable to even think for themselves anymore, whatever they have become is whatever they have absorbed from external sources, not one of them coming from their innate human being’s character. I see humans, although rarely do I see any humanity. The medications which provide access to and for one to be in a suitably capable position to understand their ‘selves’, are … all prohibited.
On this note there is no profits in cures of illness and disease. Only “treatments”,
I mean also on another note, since “jesus” we’re using a petroleum as an actual lexically correct INTOXICANT. Yes, ethanol. Or drinking alcohol. This is not exactly a drug, from what my teachings in ecology informed me. I mean you drink, become an idiot, do stupid things. It brings to you nothing of form of benefit nor any psychotherapeutic aid in any way. Then? Eventually the individual will proceed to pass-out, but not before throwing up. Enough on this. For this document. Another detrimental ordeal we’re engaged with is the usage of fossil fuels! Now this is solely a consequence of greed ruling the people of this beautiful planet. I mean this is all in stark opposition to natural principles and logic and its laws. ‘Til now? We SHOULD have been using cannabis derived alloys, oils, and plastics… The first production car, the Ford Model T was entirely constructed out of hemp sourced materials, the engine, the panels, its interior, and, guess what? It even ran on hemp oil! Not to mention but actually the impact strength of hemp based alloys is of a magnitude of ten times more solid than metal alloys. And hemp plastics degrade (naturally) in about eighty days. Source;
(It is located at the top-most section of this webpage.)
Okay, so then what happened was that the – oligarchy swine – decided to prohibit cannabis and along with doing so eradicated all feral hemp which was growing all throughout the many lands. There is actually a reason why it is referred to as “weed”. In-fact actually – being quite proficient in medicine myself, more-so than any “doctor” that I’ve had the misfortune of having met, despite one! Stephan Bassar – I know A-LOT regarding the things which interest me most. But yes, many new pharmaceuticals are designed to produce illness and disease. So be weary of this. Pramipexole comes to mind and I shall now use it as an example, it is a dopaminergic agent used to treat RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) and Parkinson's disease, if I am not mistaken… Now the peculiar feature which this compound holds is that it interacts with the D4 (Dopamine 4) complex (or receptor, I believe funnily enough that I initially coined this term, ‘complex’ as it more precisely describes the device, and it has caught on as I continue to be seeing it more and more… NOW; the significance of this is that the activation of any neurotransmitter system will lead to an increase in its expression or density of the receptors in the region. A brief background regarding the dopamine receptors follows as it is relevant. The D1 complex’s involvement is primarily in that of cognition, D2 being motivation, D3 being locomotor functions, and then … the D4 receptor is an entirely enigmatic dopaminergic system in that the activation of which in-fact REDUCES glutaminergic neurotransmission, these exert their activities on the NMDARs (N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptors) and these are the most abundant excitatory neurological modulator within the mammalian system. Its inversely acting counterpart of course being GABA (Gamma-Amini-Butryic-Acid) which is the system benzodiazepines exert their actions through.
Apologies I am on my medication and I LOVE to write. I hope that I’ve not made this too long for your reading pleasure. So going back to this pramipexole, by interacting with the D4 receptor it WILL increase its expression, density leading to nerve (protein) growth, which with long-term enough use will without a doubt in my mind lead to neurodegenerative illness.
I’ve sooo MUCH more to write but I must go and have a coffee (*cough* meth *cough*) break.
PS: I am NOT a zombie, as it should be clear from my writings. I am allergic to no sugar drinks, sugar being an absolute necessity to neurological functioning. And I am yet to discover why they (entirely inhuman swine [no offence to pigs, of course.]) desire to remove gluten…
Okay now I’m going to play golf.


Ohh… One final thing before I bid you or all of you, whoever is reading this – farewell for the time being. Bring Laura back! People like her KEEP MONASH WHAT MONASH IS!!! It is the greatest academic institution I have ever had the pleasure of having attended. SO. FUCKING. SANE. In coming from a realists definition. None of this what I tend to refer to as “Established Insanity” prominent or ubiquitousness all around the world!!! Aaaaahhhh…

For more useful information, perhaps some of you may wish to take a peek at my website!


Kind regards, Christopher Csatlos

One final note, I’ve not proof read this, I just speed typed it straight out as it came, as I do all of my works.
There will be a follow-up to provide whatever I had missed here.

I wrote this document in particular because of my grade which I had turned out to achieve on my Aptitude Test. Most of the questions were INCREDIBLY simple, but regardless I hurriedly scrolled through it, and answered each and all of the questions.
I answered the questions as I did, and upon completion I was told that I had achieved a fail grade, unsuccessful answering greater than fourteen of the questions. I did take screenshots of my answers and had two good friends, both whom are computer programmers review my results, and BOTH of them told me that only two of the answers were incorrect.
My previous email address [the one which I was emailing Laura off from was, which I had to close due to copious amounts of SPAM.
Here what follows are the screenshots. Also attached to this email is a 7z archive along with a signed version, signed by using my private key.


Screenshots are now actually in the body of the email.