A interesting collection of quite cool websites that I have come across.

A very nicely configured searx instance ::..

Sci-hub - To remove all barriers in the way of science ::..

Library Genesis Links - Many books - FREE! ::..

A Free Archive of AWESOME Tekno Music ::..

The Castalia Foundation ::..

Mycotopia... Good discussion. ::..

The best resource for anything benzodiazepines... Careful. ::..

Networks are made of string. Beneath the pavement. ::..

The Psychedelic Renaissance ::..

Spiral Tribe Network 23 ::..

Spiral Tribe Network 23 (Local Archive!) ::..

Survivor Library ::..

Home - The American Dream ::..

TCPDirect ::..

Delete Wikipedia ::..

Erowid ::..

DIG DEEPER! Another excellent website, along the same tone as this one!!! ::..

Niggas In Space! ::..