A interesting collection of quite cool websites that I have come across.

A very nicely configured searx instance ::..
This web addresss is currently offline although it was what used to be the last remaining reliable and trustworthy search engine. It is merely an searx instance with a super-fine tweaked configuration.

Sci-hub - To remove all barriers in the way of science ::..
Of course knowledge should be free. And people disinclined on sharing their own personal discoveries (the theoretical concept which forms it) with others without receiving monetary support do not hold such a realistic perspective of humanity. People are kind and will support the work through other means, by donation or other such things as this.

Library Genesis Links - Many books - FREE! ::..
Yes, knowledge is power. It is where the revolution lies within.

A Free Archive of AWESOME Tekno Music ::..
This website features roughly 1.3 terabytes of noncopyrighted 'tekno' music, a electronic genre origininating from the early ninties.

The Castalia Foundation ::..
I forgot what this was....

Mycotopia... Good discussion. ::..
A very cool little BBS.

The best resource for anything benzodiazepines... Careful. ::..
This is the most resoureful site for anything pertaining to benzodiazepines. It even features the Ashton manual.

Networks are made of string. Beneath the pavement. ::..
And interesting blog about OpenBSD.

The Psychedelic Renaissance ::..
Just something cool, I thought.

Spiral Tribe Network 23 ::..

Spiral Tribe Network 23 (Local Archive!) ::..
This webpage contains an awesome passage of text.

Survivor Library ::..
Another free repository of all types of books.

Home - The American Dream ::..
This is a really awesome website which I stumbled upon one day.

TCPDirect ::..
Speaks for itself.

Delete Wikipedia ::..
This would be a great idea.Do-away with the misinformation which plagues all sorts, forms and types of 'knowledge'.

Erowid ::..
A website dedicated to documenting the complex relationship between humans and psychoactives.

An excellent website, supporting a similar purpose to this one.

Niggas In Space! ::..
An interesting BBS.

Libre Texts - Free the Textbooks ::..
Free Textbooks!!!

systrix - .. system~trickology .. ::..
A pal's website.

"With that, I want to reimplement Discord in a way it is a trully FOSS client, without any risk that users will get banned by either breaking the ToS or being detected as self-bot because of the suspicious use of Discord REST API. This is what WebCord mainly focuses to achieve nowadays."

Open Media Network ::..
- searx may not offer you as personalised results as Google, but it doesn't generate a profile about you
- searx doesn't care about what you search for, never shares anything with a third party, and it can't be used to compromise you
- searx is free software, the code is 100% open and you can help to make it better. See more on github

deprogramwiki ::..

CRUISIN' RADIO! - The fucking best which exists for '40s, '50s, '60s, & even '70s psychedelic (or otherwise) rock! ::..
This station is, in my honest opinion the best which exists for the genre it caters for. Beleive it or not, I am the sole reason why it is still operating today, as an online stream, and apparently also broadcasted on the bands used for radio audio broadcasting, though I am uncertain where in the world this may be received. Notwithstanding, having it been the case during the time that I listened to this station almost exclusively, due to it being absolutely fantastic, one day it seemed to not be connected to the stream URL, and after a period of not being successfully connect to it, I emailed the good sir who founded it to question him just what was up with it...
He responded that during all of the years of him running the radio, he had "never asked for a single penny off of anybody [funding the servers, and whatever other related costs] but had recently run out of money to keep it running."
So I offered him a donation of the total amount that my bank account balance was at that time, which was not too much, but it was obviously all that I could do at that time, he was incredibly grateful and since my initial donation to bring the online stream back online, many, many, MANY others gave donations, also.

So that is how that was.

A list of searx instances. ::..
A quite a fucking good search engine.
Different instances are configured quite differently so be mindful of that.

Richard Stallman's personal website (RMS) ::..
Richard Stallman's website, which is not too bad.
I do not know much about the man, although always have identified him to be quite a sane person. From when I'd read of his personal decision to live on the floor of his university office - which I'd read this about him A LONG FUCKING TIME AGO NOW - to not allow money to influence his ways of life, in the decisions which he makes, and etc.

Better living through chemistry. ::..

I was convinced that I already had provided a link to this website on this list. ::..
Very resourceful website, though also very aggravating/infuriating/etc. in regards to just what the fuck these assholes (those in power, etc. If you read the other sections of my site, you will see that there's more to this than meets the common eye...) have done. Eugh.

This relates to the intentional mistreatments through psychiatry. Greed, y'know. ::..