Now, the vast majority of the 'modern' world as they so call it, is an utter disaster. A pinacle of disaster. A trainwreck or shit storm.

RHS has most of these details down quite satisfiably. Although; ones which I have personally come into contact with are detailed below.

Vivo, the (perhaps relatively new) mobile telephone manufacturer has entirely obfuscated the - what should be - an incredibly simple process in ones desire to unlock the bootloader permitting the flashing of a custom ROM onto the transistor. Now I have, on two occasions made conctact with them in relation to this and the second time was most illuminating, in that the teletype writer operator handling support chats informed me of that fact that Vivo the corporation had not even released a means of a capability of unlocking the bootloader to lower-tier staff members. Them [Vivo] holding it a secret. It is never a favourable forthcoming when such limitations and nullification of one's liberty is jeopardised in any aspect of life, technology included. It prevents many useful actions which it [the technology in the specific case] my spark. Ie. FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) distrbute freely their source code allowing anybody who so desires to audit, analyse, and improve upon the software (or hardware.)
Notwithstanding; they're complicated matters catastrophically and I've not seen a means of circumventing it.

Personal liberty in freedom of conduct is paramount to a progressive society to collaboratively aspire towards the most accurate understanding of the ways of things throughout the known space and time continuum.

All of this being said, I will add that yes ... My intention now is to follow up Vivo with in regards to this and to find a means of having the manufacturer remove the restrictions they've implemented in the mechanism through which the bootloader is unlocked. This is unsane (a term which I beleieve I coined, and it imparts a suitable intuitive understanding.)

I mean what is the purpose in impeding the progression of a spcecies in the efforts of understanding our surrouding natural reality.

Basically a link to the index of well-known software freedom activist, Richard Stallman. From what I can gather of his ways of about approaching matters, is simlpe. BOYCOT EVERYTHING!!! And it is not a half bad strategy.

The true difference between commercial software and FOSS.

Allow me to elaborate on just why free and open source software is better outside of the principles or allowances it provides patrons of the universe with. It is in the basic truth that people who are wage employees for large corporate software 'giants' such as microsoft or apple, or whichever other large player in the game in this context - well they are just that. Slaves to their corporations(*), inundated by mind-warping and highly influential "infromation" or more propaganda permitated throughout the only available communications channels. Well... Where there is a conforming status quo, there is always a counter-culture. The misfits, and then oftentimes there even exist those that fall outside of either of these congregations of folk. I would place myself within here, which lays, if you were to image a three-dimensional space, within the exterior of it all - in describing my social standing or placement in this manner I mean that to me? Even conspiracies are conspired to or for the aim of the persuasion of the general population that they do have some insider information.
(*) Continuing on from the previous unfinished writing. These people working for the large corporate entities are slaves to their wages, and more likely than not do not actually hold any real such passion for what it is which they happen to be doing, just as the vast majority of society, they are a part of the working class to 'earn a living' and their care or enthusiasm or interest or passion or desire to gain self-fulfilment, and et cetera. This is a general statement and from my personal first-hand accounts with the quality of the softwares available on the two sides of the fence, the sides of which one being the commercial corporate world. And the contention or rival which is not even really at all because in terms of there existing some or any degree of competition is entirely a nonexistent thing. Consider that the people who are developing these free softwares with completely liberal rights (termed copyleft) which is in the hands or decision of the person viewing the software package. It is how all intellectual property should be treated under these same liberal and 'copyleft' values. In such a way Knowledge, which would actually be fucking knowledge and NOT "knowledge" due to the complete lack of any intentionally falsified or omitted aspects of data. It would be knowledge as it should have been from since the beginning of times. Truthful, accurate, precise, and recorded to the best that is permitted by the level of information at the present time.