H.S.T. Abbreviated, or Hunter Stockton Thompson was a fascinating character.
I've read (almost) ALL of his written works, except for 'The Rum Diary' which I read half-way and spilled red wine all over it, kind of ruined it.

He is a fantastic author and I've always considered him to fellow sane enthusiast who I've known of in my life.

I will put some of his quotes into here at some time; Although I just wanted to write of one I'd noticed in the preview of a webpage's content among the results of a search query on some search engine I'd glanced at as I was searching for something related to him, it read, "Hunter was the only sane person in the room." That made me lol.

Here are some links to webpages which I'd saved and that are of course related to him.
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His quotes. (To be added)
Videos which he is featured in that I found amusing... He was always amusing, ...
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