I'd had a suicide note written on this website in the past, because I've wanted to kill myself, who wouldn't experiencing the shit I was. Just going back to nothing would be cool, but it seems the shit has stopped. The shit which started when I became homeless in late-October, 2021. But you wouldn't believe the shit that I was going through and fucking who knows why, because I've never hurt anybody in my life. Fuck I am even most often careful to not speak badly of others. But whoever or what shit haunted me out of my Melbourne apartment, sometime in late-October, 2021 - which is as stupid as fuck, I know this much, because of a sign I saw out near-by to some shops in fuck knows where somewhere in the vicinty of Sydney, read the year 1950 something, which I've known prior to being dragged into this shit on that useless day on the 23rd of January, 2013, that you can only travel forwards in time. A friend I know who also holds much intelligence told me long ago that "You don't know what you've been dragged into." Etc. It is a wonder that I am still sane... From almost all of everybody speaking backwards, like- speaking in a manner which I find out to invert to make it truthful... To climbing up mountains which didn't exist. To people speaking Spanish but only upon sighting me, and whom were speaking English prior to that. And why Spanish? Who the fuck is Spanish!? I only make this remark because of how much of it there was. To lots of strange colours I had noticed around, red, blue, and yellow. Whatever the fuck any of it means. I do not know and still being sane, of course, I do not care. I was close to travelling the interstellar medium in 2012. I developed a mechanism to translate gravitational energy into electrical. I wonder what I'd have achieve by now if I had not lost ten years of my life.
I wish I'd never left Melbourne. Something was written there through me during November of 2017... I do not know what, I am only able to recall two details of about it. These are that the 'i's were always lower case to not show superiority over anybody else, which is the reason that I recall doing this, personally. And also, one line in it read, "this is a collaboration." Some other things which were said to me were after I'd lived through the mistakes of the past. Apparently it is an 'old' God which is there, and of course it is one. Or none. That's all.

When they tortured and scared you for twenty odd years, you can't really function.

I am uncertain who the five people are whose names I was given, but there are another two involved, also. Maybe. If so one here, one in the US. But how the fuck should I really know given what I've experienced... And then there is me, with the Universe. Heh...

When I was in Cairns beginning on the 17th of April, 2017; I remember mentioning the track by some musical artist titled "World of Confusion". LOL. I need peace and quiet, do away with the confusion, and of course good meth. Again.

I think the best thing we can all do at this stage is dress up at English police officers;
and just start robbing corporate establishments.
Also I am not sure that my ex was herself... To assist in understanding the contents of the files contained or linked to within the or found in the directories or pages, respectively.

In a way I am not sure that I should've ever left Melbourne, as the most absurd shit was told to me some time near to the time when I left. That "my thoughts influence reality." LOL.

PLEASE!!! Like- We're waiting to bring about some real. fucking. change!!!

Something which I just began writing
Supplementary information to support to above article. It also certainly helps to understand how I am.


If you have found yourself on my website, you're probably thinking something along the lines of;

Well you've come to the right place for finding and disovering truths (at-least whatever I've managed to find our regarding all of this shit) in the present's- what I will refer to as; 'the lunatic agenda' and its unfolding... Which, in my personal opinion, has been enacting its harm and destruction and otherwise pure lunacy all throughout, and across the earth since "jesus". Refer to my TRUTH Document for seeing my reasoning towards seeing things in this way. You will see, that it makes sense.

It is just that the thing about common sense is that ... unfortunately ... it isn't all too common in this present time.

Formerly subpoena.world which attracted so much heat that in all truth I should be given an award, at-least.

Apologies for the incredibly slow progress on my website, although one could say I was ran over by a derailed shipwreck. I did have at one stage the email address which I'd created due to what was occuring in my life at the time, and also becuase I thougth that it sounded funny as fuck, it was; ineedsomeacidtocalmmedown@executingreality.com ... Heh.

Stay perpetually sideways. We come out into this world sideways, and so surely-

I'd been using methamphetamine daily for nine years until becoming homeless in October 2021. And since then? I've just been encountering great difficulties procuring it.

One of my favourite quotes;
I have confronted that question on a daily basis all my life, as if it were just another form to fill out, and on most days I have checked off the SANE box—if only because I am not dead or in prison or miserable in my life.

Something I had written to somebody on IRC, just moment's earlier, in-fact, today being May the 20th, 2023. My username and new lines have been removed. "oh hi; I am still sane.; btw; LOL; not surprised about this, however...; I owe my sanity to my proliferous drug use."

"COVID" Information! From my past observations in people and through society...

There is more "COVID" information inside the lobby. IMO; it barely existed until the "vaccine".

My Preliminary Political Campaign Proposal

This is sad, what the oligarchy has planned for a reset of planet earth.

Please note: I have to validate this. HAHA! ANOTHER!

They've fucked up massive this time, but it was planned from about 2023 years ago. Here is what I have discovered so far to treat the illness and disease caused by the "vaccines".

How can we detect a fallacy in reasoning?
By subjecting it to human reason and from there is comes down to intuition.

One of my favourite quotes, it is something which John Lennon told to his teacher.
The teacher asked "What do you want to be when you grow up?" to which John Lennon replied, "Happy."
The teacher replied to him that the did not understand the question.
To which he replied that she didn't understand life.

The Book. It is my publication for humanity. And it is titled 'The NOTES!' (PDF) (EPUB) (TXT) The Front Cover, of my Book.

To put it, what my Book is, exactly, into a single line. It would be;
The solution for what they've(*) done to the people.
"They've" is in reference to whoever the fuck is the controlling oligarchy, which I believe would be, from just simply, by logical inference, alone -those who hold the most monetary wealth upon this planet.

This publication I wrote, and it exists as a solution to all of the world's issues and will dissolve all of the conflict currently happening across our globe!
I have only just recently (within the past few weeks [added 16.12.22]) read this one since actually writing the thing over two years ago. I've noticed many errors, many subjects demanding elaboration, and otherwise bits and peices to fix-up in it. Please give me time.

A friend wrote this as a sort of review of what he'd read of my book to that point.

"Logic it is from what I understand and believe to be true is apparent in what I have read to date from your papers of "Executing Reality"....it's something though that I need to view in larger font from my laptop ( which I can't currently use as I cannot remember my password ) to command my focus more.
At the moment I am reading it from my mobile phone....not comfortable nor relaxed as I want to be....from what I have read, though brief, has truths that are so much am integral belief of numourous people I have or have had in my life....it comes, in my opinion from the most purest, uncontaminated, conciousness."

Also the other documents which I have written, I have also not proof-read those, you see ... I never proof-read, or take the time to re-read any of what I write. Until perhaps much later on, as we have seen here.

Here is a little something I wrote... (PDF) (EPUB) (TXT)

The document above is to be completed!!! WARNING: I was so fucking shitfaced when I wrote it that it contains LARGE TANGENTS! It is that I will remove the massive tangents unrelated to the topic in the context of it all. And I've plenty more to add to it.

I will be starting a FREE 'STREET' PARTY TO SPREAD GOOD INFORMATION AND LOVE!!! This is my Resume, perhaps to some better read in quotation marks. (PDF) (EPUB) (TXT)

This? I just think it is a fun read... (So I have been told by persons whom have read it.) It exists as a document to aid me in obtaining my outreach worker accreditation. This way I will be permitted to block off a main street in any main city in Australia (at-least) and host a street PARTY. You see... This is legally permitted just so long as I am providing syringes for peolpe. And the irony makes me chuckle here. :-) Peace and Love.


Make it Sane: We're never too far from where we were. The mission statement. The way to go about it

To anybody with some sense to their selves, it is plain to see that our earth is not in any great state.

This website exists to provide the truth. Unbiased and truthful information congruent with and to nature.

Developing man's reason such that they may realise and act against the atrocities being undertaken upon our earth.



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"I like people with emotional and intellectual depth, people that speak with passion from their inner twisted mind." -Unknown

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'About the author'
There's this LOL. But fuck I cannot be sure of the scenario surronding it as I was barely there.
Here's my research gate profile.